The Crests - “Six Nights A Week”


I would like to thank everyone that’s been buying stuff from my Etsy shop
and my cousin that donated a little so I could travel to Sweden with Dixon
to see my family and some friends!
My aunt (my moms sister) doesn’t know we’re coming, she was so sad
when I said we’re not taking the car over this summer, she really wanted
to see Dixon while he’s still a baby.
She’s an honorary grandma since my own mom died when I was 17.
This will make her so happy!

I’m going tomorrow and I never been this nervous about flying ever in my
life, I guess I have become a bit paranoid since I had Dixon.
I’m going with the worst airline ever because there’s no other alternative.
I think it’s a bloody cheek to charge £60 return for a baby that won’t have
his own seat or have any extra luggage!

Elaine Stewart

Elaine Stewart

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Johnny H. & His Henchmen - “I Wish I Really Knew”

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