3 years ago I found this laundry bin at Hitchin Antique Market
for £12 and I was one happy camper to have snagged such a

The other day I came across something equally awesome…
This MATCHING ottoman!
As you can see it needs a bit of TLC and a new rim around
the lid but who cares when it’s MATCHING?! :D

I found this in a real dump of a charity shop and got so excited.
I haven’t even been looking around for anything with the same
pattern so it was a total surprise.
Since it does need a bit of work I didn’t think the price were fair
but my man, the super haggler, said he take care of it.
He spoke to the manager and made him an offer of £10 and he
accepted because it’s been there for quite a while.
So from £30 to £10, not bad! :D

I wonder what else is out there that’s matching…

(Source: rascalkosher.blogspot.co.uk)

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