Since I moved to England my hair, skin and general health has been
nothing but bad. I’m constantly battling with dry skin, sore eyes, colds,
headaches and everything in between. I never feel well.
I take every supplement I can think of and I have a very healthy diet but
all germs seems to find me.
I’ve long suspected it might be this house that causes the headaches,
most English houses are badly built and the ventilation might not be the
best. (This causes mold problems during autumn and winter.)
Today I’ve read up on a few things and the thing that’s causing my hair,
skin and eye problems is the water.
I know there’s a high level of chlorine and that causes irritation and my
skin and scalp to dry out.
This makes a lot of sense because I never have these problems when
we’re in Sweden or Spain.
I found what might be the solution, a water filter.
I only got one for the shower to give it a try.
I’m looking forward to get back to my pretty self in about 2 weeks. :)