I’m so glad that we finally found a mohel that’s liberal progressive
and that this bris is finally gonna happen! (Sorry Dixon.)

We had nothing but trouble with the United and the Beth Din, I
didn’t want anything to do with the United in the first place, baby
daddy got “persuaded” by a family member on his side to get it
done by a mohel that’s United because they’ve been members
since they were born and they also had their Bar Mitzvas there.
Me and baby daddy are quite liberal (we still don’t eat treyf and
we celebrate Shabbat and the high holidays) so I have no bloody
idea why we had to go through all this hassle and degradation
with the Beth Din, who in my opinion are a bunch of elitist a**holes
that think their shit don’t stink!
I’ve never been so humiliated when we went there for a meeting.
I got part “goyim” bloodline which didn’t seem “Jewish enough”
for my son to have a bris!!!
I must admit I cried in the car on our way home, I felt so shitty after
they first didn’t acknowledge me or my son at the meeting, I know
Orthodox men are not supposed to look at other women than their
family but this meeting was about me!!! They were also texting on
their f**king phones between them and acting like douche bags,
whispering in Yiddish.
My Yiddish isn’t very good nowadays, at that point I wish it was so
I could have told them to shove their unmenchish bloody behaviour
somewhere were the sun don’t shine.

On a lighter note, I think we also found a congregation we want to
belong to after the bris, I’ve been waiting for my man to want to do
this for years now.
Anyone here that are members of Finchley Progressive Synagogue?
Is it a good community to belong to?


I want to wish my Yid friends and followers well over the fast.
And Gut Shabbes!


Shanah Tovah! Ah gut gebentched yohr!

Anne Frank

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Gut Yom-Tov!


My brother in law is coming over tomorrow to talk about a few
things like the circumcision, my man had a change of heart so
instead of a clinic he now wants a Mohel to do it.
(Bye bye £600!!!)
My brother in law has kindly taken on the whole procedure of
sending paperwork into Beth din, this one might be a bit tricky
because I’m what some stupid (and often Jewish) people call
a “Scarlett Johansson Jew” = I do not have a Jewish last name
due to a goyim dad with a Scandinavian last name.
I have little faith in that they will let us have it done because I
might not be “Jewish enough”.

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!


To my Jew friends and followers, I wish you all well over the fast
and make sure you eat something really nice tomorrow evening,
because you’re worth it!